Wednesday 23 March 2011

Uh oh.

          "You've gone a million miles.  How far'd you get?"
                                                          -Bruce Springsteen

        Looks like our secret garden might be less secret than we thought.  Wandering around the interweb, I stumbled upon this:

      Luckily, we're kinda lost in the background, but if you look close you can see the transoms of Whiskeyjack and 2 Can't Anchor Us.  Judging by the other boats in the background, this picture was taken early in the 2008 season.

       In an effort to close this blatant security leak, The Chronicles has dispatched our Web Image Nullification  Officer:

A crack hacker with a deft touch on the keyboard, I expect that we will be invisible again in minutes,  hours,  uh...

Hey, by the way, thanks for taking the time to read our adventures.  If you like what you see here in the Chronicles,  please spread the word!

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