Wednesday 9 March 2011

Shameless Canine Promotion

         "So don't be afraid to let them show, your true colors..."
                                                                          -Cyndi Lauper

       SWMBO watched the Westminster Kennel Club dog show this year, and was outraged that there was no All-Purpose Mutt category, or an  award for Miss Congeniality, or Best Grin, or Cutest Ears...  because we both know that our dogs would be straight-up Charlie Sheen WINNING!  every darn thing.  Not one to be deterred, SWMBO launched a mission to find a contest one of our mutts could actually, you know, enter.
She found one.  If Inky wins, it supports a good cause, our local Humane Society:

     Please take a couple of minutes to click the link and vote for Ink.

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