Sunday 13 March 2011

The Dock Six Top 20 Countdown Contest!

     "Excitement so thick, you could cut it with a knife..."

      Status report:

      Less  than a month from inception, 20 posts in, and we have 11 followers and almost TWO THOUSAND page views!  I don't want to get all Sally-Field-at-the-Oscars on y'all, but thanks for liking us!

      In honour of this momentous event, I figure it is time for a contest.  Every post, including this one, has opened with a musical snippet.  All of them have bent copyright laws by being unattributed... until now.
Now, it's up to you, the faithful, intelligent, impossibly good-looking Fans of Dock Six.  To crib from the inestimable Dr. Johnny Fever, "Alright, fellow babies..."

Name the song and the artist  that opens each post.  The triviatoid who gets the most right answers will win a PRIZE from the almost bottomless Dock Six vault of worthless, wasted gear... or an "Honourary Dock Six Slipholder"  certificate (Suitable for framing.  In a really cheap frame.  Not included.)

Drop me a comment or an email with your entry, and after sorting through the thousa, er, hundr, er doz, er, amazing number of entries, a winner will be named.

Vote early, and vote often- the deadline is March 20, 2011.

Good luck.


  1. Sadly has the sound turned off because music on blogs wakes sleeping babies. I voted for the damned dog. I voted for her TWICE.

    This means that I am full of win.
    Now I'll send you my address so you can ship Chirp to me...

  2. There is no sound. None. Marlee Matlin could win this contest.

    (Yes, I know I am going straight to hell for that comment.)
    Read the quote in italics, and figure out what song it came from. Use your Google force. And thanks for voting for Inky.