Saturday 5 March 2011

Dogs On The Dock

     "We stick together and can see it through, 'cause you've got a friend in me..."

     Dogs and boats go together like rum and coke.  And rum and ginger ale.  And rum and pineapple juice.  And rum and...  you can see where I'm going here.  I think a dog needs a boat, and a boat needs a dog, and both seem to benefit in some sort of unexplainable symbiosis.

     Dock Six is home to  a motley collection of mutts, in a wide variety of sizes and breeds, who all seem to get along as well as their owners.

     Maybe it's the rum.

     SWMBO and I are owned by Inky and Finnegan.   Inky is a mid-sized classic of indeterminate but undeniably regal lineage.  As near as we can figure, she is a cocktail of Bearded Collie, Retriever, and Wookiee.  She  contentedly enjoys laid-back dowager status, her tenth birthday long in her wake.

          Finnegan is our compact sportsdog.  A Jack Russell Terrier/ Corgi mix, what Finn lacks in stature he makes up in personality and energy... but not attention span.

         Bas  is a dedicated sailor, always willing to head out , no matter what the weather forecast holds.

     George is our resident speed freak.  He's a German Shepherd who is happiest with his nose in the wind and his ears swept back, screaming across the Bay.

     Rounding out the Dock Six pack is the smallest member, Luna.

Even those of us who are not Toy Poodle fans enjoy her company.  It must be the rum.

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