Wednesday 6 April 2011

Pretty Pictures

      "...only for a moment, and the moment's gone."

     Jack has a skill for capturing those moments, and he has been kind enough to share some of them with us.  Enjoy.

      Jack and crew and a Nordica 16.

       Waitaminnit... if Jack is onboard, who took the picture?

      "Dad, I got your good side, like, 20 times now!  Can you please tow me in???"

     Other docks at night.

     Bluenose at sunset

    There's gotta be a story behind this:
      A couple of years ago, a zombie movie was shot in Port Dover.  Jack captured some of the action.

      The proof that Dock Six really is a magical place- we're at the end of the double rainbow!

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  1. Hi there, following along from Boston Ma. (and New York Harbor, when I'm at work on a tug.)

  2. Love the NORDICA 16, it looks very seaworthy!!

  3. Welcome aboard, capnscruffy!

    Jordan, I agree with you, the Nordica 16 is a great small boat.

  4. I have no pride, no shame and no money but I'll sail forever