Friday 15 April 2011

OPENING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     "We'll have a good time baby, don't you worry..."
                                                  -The Pointer Sisters

     The Marina is now open!

     Current conditions:
 Sunny, but cold (2 Celsius, expected high this afternoon 10 Celsius), Wind northeast 15 knots increasing to 20 near noon then veering to east 20 this evening. Wind veering to southeast 20 overnight then increasing to 25 near noon Saturday. Wind diminishing to south 15 Saturday evening.

      While many of us are frantically working to finish refit projects so that we can get our boats in the water (ahem), some boats will be getting hull-wet today.  Jordan fired me an e-mail alerting me that "Tempus Fugit" will be splashing today, heading over to Dock Two, and I expect that James will likely back "George Too"  into his slip today.  Who else is going in today?

     I'll be down at the Dock later today getting some pictures and maybe sitting at the slip enjoying a beer.  Anybody gonna join me?

    Wait a minute, I see somebody looking puzzled.  You have a question?

    "What about 'Whiskeyjack' and 'Legacy', Mr. Eager-Beaver-Can't-Wait-Until-Spring-Boat-Obsessed-Blogger-Guy?"  you ask.


    (Yeah, don't think I can't see you ungrateful wretches out there snickering at the fact that I'm sitting here writing instead of prepping our boats for their spring debuts.)

     The weather has not cooperated for bottom painting and bottom fairing both boats.  Regarding Whiskeyjack,  I also have some touch up work to do on the brightwork,  I have some cabin projects to finish up and a solar panel to install on the davits, all of which are easier on the hard.  Legacy's punchlist is shorter but more time consuming- LOTS of varnishing brightwork, laying new vinyl on the cockpit sole, drivetrain maintenance, reinstalling fittings, etc.   None of which can happen until the tarps come off and the tarps won't come off until the weather is warmer and dryer.

 I will show off some of my projects in the upcoming "Refit Rollcall" post.

Pics to follow later today.

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  1. After School will likely be splashed a week from Saturday (April 23). We hope to come visit the marina this Sunday (April 17)and see what's up.