Wednesday 6 April 2011

Contest Winners Announced!

     "They got a name for the winners in the world..."
                                                               -Steely Dan

     After wading through the pair  pile of entries in the Top 20 Countdown contest, ,
 we have winners!

     Yes, winners, plural!

     In the  "Most of this Dreck Was Recorded Before I was Born" Under-18 Masters age group, the winner is....
 Jordan D.!

     In the "I Grew Up With Can-Con"  Adult Home Team group, the victor is...
Garnet Smith!

   Finally, in the "I Gotta Google" Adult Visitors group, the prize goes to...
Chip Hitchens, representing the United States.

   Congratulations to all of you!  Prize selection will be announced as soon as I figure out what boat stuff is too hopelessly completely screwed up to be fixed.

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  1. And my parents told me that listening to all those records would never get me anywhere?