Sunday 17 April 2011

More Pretty Pictures

     "Sailing on my way back here..."
                                  -Rod Stewart

     Jack just sent me some more great photos.  Enjoy!

    St. Lawrence II  a big part of the Port Dover Marine Heritage Festival

   One of the Three Witches.  ED2, ED4 and ED6 mark the channel to the harbour entrance.  Immediately east of ED2 the water gets real skinny, and real sharp, real quick. Don't ask how I know.

     Jack, Walt, Bas and the Bluenose

     Jim and Jill and Carpe Diem


     Heave Ho

Another beautiful sunset, coming home.

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  1. The hiiiikee picture is not mine and there is a little story to it.
    The boatowner Mr Legate from I think Belleville spend about $20.000 to convert this Bluenose for racing.
    Then last August he send this boat down to the bottom of the lake.
    The boat is now owned by Nye Scot, the same guys that did the conversion.
    I don't know if there is a moral to the story, but I think it must sail like crap on the bottom of the lake.

  2. If you did not hear, Killer Bee my race modified McVay ( similar to the modified McVays raced in Chester NS) sank on the labour day weekend.  The race was the annual Katie Gray Belleville to Picton.  Winds at the start were 80 km/hr and peaked in Picton at 100km/hr.  Close hauled the boat took constant waves over the bow filling the cockpit with water.  On a downwind start she broached twice, loaded with water and sank.

  3. wow I didnt knoow that was possible, was it scary?

  4. Sorry Jordan.

    Both the comments are about the same Bluenose.
    The second comment I dug up on the Bluenose-Class Info website where it was send in by Mr Legate himself.