Friday 15 April 2011

Opening Day Cont'd: First Boat In

     "'cuz it feels so empty without me..."

     It is sunny but chilly down on the dock.  The wind is up, the lake is rolling ....

...and the lake is low, even lower than the hydrographic stats suggest. The culvert on the left in the picture below should be half filled with water.  Instead it is high and dry.

 This could simply be wind related, but the water level at the dock is at least a foot lower than it was at the end of October last year.

One soul was hardy enough to get his boat into his slip.  You can juuuuust barely see that boat, out there in the distance, from the shore end of the Dock:

   Waaaaayyyyyy out there....
it looks like....

George Too II   gets the award for first splash!

    James has been busy over the winter, fixing and fiddling and tuning and generally pimping his ship.

More on George Too II  in our Refit Rollcall.

     Last, a poignant still life of our summer home.


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  1. With the water like this, which I hope is temporary, its a good thing that we at slip 11 have a retractable keel. Its time to pray to the lake level gods for a general rise in lake levels. I only need 4 inches to float, but I will have to learn to pole myself out.

  2. Looks like we have ourselves a beach in the harbour.

  3. Im just hopeing its the wind blowing the water out!