Friday 15 April 2011

And Now the Bad News...

       "I search the skies, well, desperately for rain..."
                                                    -The Temptations

      There is a water level advisory.

Water levels on Lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron are below their all-time average levels for this time of year and are below the level of Chart Datum. Water levels on Lakes St.Clair, Erie and Ontario and at Montreal Harbour are below their all-time average levels for this time of year and are above the level of Chart Datum.Mariners should exercise extreme caution throughout the entire system, especially during periods of strong winds when water levels can rise or fall significantly in a short period of time.

The site for the Monthly Water Level Bulletin:

The GOOD news is that Lake Erie is at about the same level as last year currently, but with Superior and Huron running low it has to have an effect on us down here at some point... I think.  Any hydrographers or water-level scientist-type people out there able to give us some input on what we may see through the rest of the season?

I figure it wouldn't hurt to pray for rain.


  1. Now you're going to wish you hadn't asked:


  2. Yeah, that is sorta what I thought I might see...

  3. Rain it is !!!!
    All our wishes are granted I guess I better go check my
    Bilge pumps and see if they are Workin????

  4. Hi Brian;
    Andy here - Jordan's kinda dad.
    I emailed you a video of Tempus Fugit on Sunday in the sustained 70km/hr winds, while she lay at the very end of dock 1. (where she stalled while moving her on Saturday)
    I came back to the dock later in the afternoon, to find the spring line snapped. It was wild.

    I know we're not exactly dock 6-ers, but following along from our perch on dock 2.


  5. Thanks Andy- Cool vid! I'll include it in the next post. BTW, IMO there's no such thing a "kinda dad"- you do the work, you get the title. Just like there's no such thing as step-kids. Some families are created by birth, some are built by choice.
    Dock Six ain't just location, it's attitude- you qualify, even if you're on the wrong dock... you're still within waving distance.