Sunday 10 April 2011

Long Point Lap

     "These days get so long and I got nothin' to do..."
                                                     -Counting Crows

     Here's what I am thinking:  small boats, small ports, small cruise.  A simple  weekend lap of the Bay- Port Dover to Turkey Point, Turkey Point to Port Rowan, Port Rowan to the lighthouse on  Long Point, then back to Port Dover.  Just a nice easy weekend cruise and a chance to explore the bay a little bit.  Who is interested in something this organized?


  1. This would mean that I decide where to go instead of the wind?

  2. Possibly. Let me know when.

  3. OK.....................but this doesn't mean it's going to be a race does it? I mean 2 boats on a lake etc. , because if that's the case .................

    Well on further consideration I wouldn't have to navigate, I'd just have to follow. I could do that.

  4. Well Bas thinks we should give it a try.

    Hope somebody can navigate good.
    The innerbay isn't a forgiving place for sailboats with a low keel.

    Remember coming out of Turkey Point where a sandbar kept telling not to wander off to the right.

  5. I have got a funny story. We hit that sandbar coming out of turkey point, with the S2!

  6. Thanks for the feedback!

    Jack, I'm glad Bas thinks this is a good idea.

    Gavin-no this is not a race... formally. If we can get Cranky to join us that would be TWO Sirens, so it y'know, could be a race...
    envandel, I will work on firming up the dates.

  7. Hey Brian, you should for sure ask Cranky to join! I'M not sure what they would say to that. However, SAPHIRA isn't big enough for that voyage so bringing CRANKY along would be good!

  8. i wonder if i can go that slow??

  9. James, how about you tow all of us- that way we go faster, you go slower... it's win/win!