Sunday 25 December 2011

Possible deal of the week

        "Yeah, I heard he got that hot new thing..."
                                            -Will Smith

         As I tear into Donorboat, I have made an effort to recycle anything that might be even remotely usable on the new boat.  Trim, bulkheads, hardware, it's all saved unless it is already trashed or can't be unscrewed, unbolted or cut free.  One item  beyond reclamation, though, is the electrical panel.  Too cracked, too small, too crude, just...too.

       So, I've figured that I was going to be looking at kicking out a couple hundred dollars for a decent 8-10 switch panel-  one item that is on our Boat Show shopping list this year.  It isn't a top priority,  since actual hull construction has to commence before wiring even appears over the punch-list horizon, but if a good deal comes along, then...

      Last week, I saw an ad on kijiji, and $15 later, brought this home:

    All the switches seem to work, there's no obvious signs of damage to the circuitry, so one night soon I'm going to poke and probe with my multimeter and see if I can get her to light up.
     It probably won't be nearly as fun, or as dirty, as that sounds.
     If it doesn't work, I'm only out $15.  If it does work, I've got bragging rights.
     Oh, and that "Beneteau" logo?  Nothing that a strip of electrical tape can't fix.

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  1. You've certainly proved (again!) that frugality inspires creativity. And good stories, the kind that never would have happened if you had the budget to simply order from the WM catalog ...

  2. Rather than cheapening the look of the panel by covering the Beneteau logo with electrical tape, try a little acetone on it - or your wife's nail polish remover (mostly acetone).

    And thanks for all the entertaining writing over the last year!