Wednesday 14 December 2011

Holiday Diversions

            "Here's your miracle...."
                       -Kenny Loggins

        Look, you can only watch the same reruns of Storage Wars so many times.

        (Not to go off on a tangerine, but, is it just me, or does Brandi look like a low-rent version of Jennifer Aniston, circa 2003?)

       Here's a great way to waste a few minutes in between turkey sandwiches this festive season:

     Yacht Rock   (click on it- it's a link),  the best musical comedy series on the web, is now in HD.  All 12 episodes, covering the rise and fall of that incenstuous smooth Southern California rock sound.  See how Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins sang on damn near every song released by every SoCal band... except The Eagles and Van Halen.  It even helps explain the inexplicable-  Christopher Cross.

    You're welcome.

   If you get a chance, check out the blog of Fortuitous, whose skipper, Chip, may be the president of the Yacht Rock Fan Club.  He belongs on the Dock.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout blj.

    Yacht Rock changed my life. I've mentioned it (or made fan art) a couple times:

    Stay smooth.