Sunday 7 August 2011

Please Help a Fellow Sailor

         "This is all that we've learned about living..."
                                       -John Mellencamp


       One of the blogs I follow is "Our Life With Ceol Mor"  . Cidnie, her husband, and their two adorable kids are refitting their boat down in Kemah Texas in preparation for cutting the lines and cruising until the money runs out.
       " Lots of families do that, or plan to do that, or have done that," cynical reader says. "What makes this bunch different?"

       Well, aside from great writing and photography and cute kids...


   ...the crew of Ceol Mor was chosen to enter an international competition, The Dyneema Experience, sponsored by Dyneema Rope.

  Here's the 411:

DSM Dyneema has recruited worldwide for 40 skippers, to test drive running rigging made with Dyneema® fibers. During an online registration phase from 9 January 2011 until 4 March 2011, skippers had to register and prove their social media skills by getting as many online crew members as possible.

The 40 selected members of the 2011 Dyneema® Experience Team have proven us that sailing is their passion and that they enjoy sharing their experiences with others. The members of the 2011 Dyneema® Experience Team will share their experiences on sailing with running rigging made with Dyneema®, through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr.

The skipper with the best accomplished assignments will win a sailing master class for 2 persons with PUMA Ocean Racing in Alicante, Spain. This master class is presented in corporation with Gleistein Ropes. Gleistein Ropes is the Official Rope Supplier to PUMA Ocean Racing, delivering industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge products.

Dyneema® has proven to be highly versatile for a wide range of products in the yachting industry. The combination of high performance and durability makes it the ideal material, for running rigging for performance cruisers and professional sailors. Find out more here

The 2011 Dyneema® Experience Team challenge ends on September 23rd 2011.

Cidnie and team are currently in fifth place.   This is where you get to help:

This week's Dyneema Challenge is to produce a video, slap it up on  YouTube, and get views- the team with the most views wins.  Some teams are using professional video editors,  making slick shiny professional quality productions...  meanwhile, Cidnie is doing it all herself while also being a mom, a mechanic, a painter, a plumber, and everything else required to refit a boat and raise a family.  So, give them a hand- click on the link and watch the vid:

and watch it again...

c'mon, just click on it...


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  1. So are you going to get Whiskeyjack refitted? You can already blog. Sounds like a deal.