Wednesday 24 August 2011

Dock Six StormWatch Coverage!

          "Baby, things weren't right..."
                                 -Bobby Lewis

     Weatherwise, we ain't living in paradise today.

      Here's the Environment Canada Forecast:

Eastern Lake Erie


Marine Forecast

Issued 06:30 PM EDT 24 August 2011
Tonight and ThursdayStrong wind warning in effect.
Tornado watch in effect.
Squall watch in effect.
Wind southwest 20 knots with gusts to 50 near thunderstorms this evening. Wind becoming west 20 before morning then diminishing to northwest 15 Thursday 

At 11 am, the Dock was more than a foot higher than normal, as the wind and waves tried to jam as much of the bay into the marina as possible.  Whisper, a CS 30 on Dock 3 had already surrendered her jib to the wind. 

Conditions improved late in the afternoon, but by 6 pm the wheels were coming off again.  While SWMBO and the dogs spend the night at stately Jones manor, I have decided to ride out the weather on the Dock.  I've added another dockline to the pontoon boat adjacent to Legacy's slip, thankful  that our wooden guest boat is not in the water (as yet) this season.  She's ready to splash, but I need to put the arm on somebody  (ahem, little bro?) with a truck that can haul her, and with a pontoon boat stretching her docklines until she is damn near taking up both slips, i don't mind that she has missed this opportunity to have her shiny new topsides "christened"...even thought it's cost me  my honour and $20 to James and Mark for missing a wagered splash date.   

 As I write this, the wind is picking back up, the sky is starless, we're tossing around pretty good at the Dock, and I can hear rain pattering on the dodger, but all the boats are safe and I'm snug in the cabin  with a cold beer and a good wi-fi signal.
    There are worse ways and places to ride out a storm.

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