Tuesday 7 June 2011

They're baaaaa-aaaack!

     "Are you ready for this?  Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?"

      This weekend, a couple of the sailing pieces of our Dock puzzle fell into place.  Saturday, Gavin did a drive-by, splash-and-run launch-and-leave, muttering something about actually having a life, and being back soon, hopefully.  Bring Sylvia!

     Sunday, Jack splashed his new-to-him O'day, Blew Orphan, naked.
    The BOAT is naked.
     ie.  No sails.
     Not Jack.
     I don't think.

  Walt and Bas were along for the ride, and the trio joined us aboard Whiskeyjack  to celebrate the grrenhorn's first cruise.
    Welcome back!

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