Monday 6 June 2011

Lines about lines

    "You've got to hold it!  Hold it!"

    Dock Six was getting blown around pretty good last Wednesday, and I walked the dock checking lines, making sure that nobody's boat is going to bolt.  I saw a lot of old lines, and undersized lines, and frayed lines, but I didn't see a lot of chafing gear.  I know, it doesn't look nice to have a piece of leather (best) or a length of hose (better than nothing) wrapped around you docklines,and it seems like nobody sells ready-made chafing guards where they sell ready- made docklines,  but the alternative is so much worse.

   (In the background, behind the slapping halyards, howling wind and lame narration, you can hear Finn whining his disapproval.  When a pooch thinks your line set-up is pooched, you've got a problem.)

  I am not a docking expert, or an expert on lines, but here is what I have learned:
   When you buy docklines, spend the extra couple of bucks to buy lines one size in diameter larger than the guide on the back of the dockline box says you need.   It will save you a ton of money, and make your boat ride more comfortably.  I replaced hardened, frayed 3/8" lines every year, until I had the genius thought to use 1/2" lines.
    More comfortable ride in a blow, less wear and tear means replacement less often. Once again, I saved money by spending more up front, but spent too much before I spent enough...
...this seems to be the story of my life.

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  1. Sure glad you weren't filming After School about to drift away!