Saturday 25 June 2011

Meet the FD

     "'cause I need you by my side..."
                      -Fontella Bass

      In our ongoing effort to support coastal security and public safety,  Dock Six once again graciously hosted a training event vital to public safety on Thursday evening,  when the volunteer firefighters went for a swim.

    (Okay, they didn't actually ASK us if they could train on our Dock, but who the hell is going to say no to the people who are ballsy enough to run into situations when everyone else is running out?)

  Before you attempt a rescue and/or recovery operation ,you need someone to rescue and/or recover.   So, the "victim" jumps in the water

   "Help!  Help!  et cetera, et cetera..."


"Uh, a little help here?"

   "Keep your shirt on, I'm coming!"

   Almost there...

"Here, put on this swim noodle..."

"You good?"
"Yeah, I'm good."
"Okay, don't drown now.  The paperwork is a bitch."

    "Come on, does it look like I need a second guy to rescue me? Really?"

    "Hey, it's true- if you fart in one of these suits, you float WAY better."

    "Okay boss, we're coming. ..."

   "It's okay, I can walk from here."

Thanks for everything you do, Norfolk County Firefighters.

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