Tuesday 7 June 2011

James Issues a Pan-Pan!

     "Look around, then slow down..."
                             -Little River Band

     Pan-pan (noun): An international radio distress signal, of less urgency than a mayday signal.
                                                                                   -From the Oxford Dictionary

     During  Guy's Excellent Adventure, outlined in an earlier post, our novice sailor  had the opportunity to come to the aid of another boater.*  (* Means see disclaimer at foot of post)

    (In your best Mike Rowe -"Deadliest Catch" narrator- voice:)

      "Three miles southwest of Dock Six, The Instigator is in trouble.  The weather is hot, the fish are hiding, and the crew has run out of beer.  Skipper James realizes that an emergency underway replenishment is imperative, and the clock is ticking.
    "Meanwhile, a half mile south of  The Instigator,  the well-equipped sailing vessel Whiskeyjack is making to windward  under full sail, with a full icebox.  The crack admiral, SWMBO, spots The Instigator approaching at speed:"

    George's distress is evident:

    "Realizing how serious the situation is, the ruggedly handsome skipper of Whiskeyjack scrambles his crack crew to assist in a vessel-vessel lifesaving fluid transfer.  He waves off The Instigator to make another approach, then quickly dives below to Whiskeyjack's  amazingly well-provisioned galley and retrieves a handful of cold beverages."

"The Instigator deploys it's Beverage Intake Gathering, Nautical Environment Tool (B.I.G.N.E.T.) to handle their end of the replenishment docking."

    "With the greenhorn on the wheel, Whiskeyjack's amazingly competent skipper puts himself in harm's way to pass life-saving fluids to The Instigator's  beleaguered crew:

   "... If he doesn't time this just right, he may drop the beer..."

"Mission accomplished!"

   "The Instigator's skipper offers a salute, in thanks."

   The arrival of a new boat in the Marina is purely coincidental.  I think.


 *Dislcaimer:  Do not try this at home kids.  Beverages were not consumed by skipper until The Instigator returned to dock.  No animals were harmed in the writing of this post.

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  1. I am impressed that you not only affected the transfer of goods safely but managed to document it as well.

  2. That is called an UNREP in the Navy. Underway replenishment; usually for fuel.

  3. I can see where in the future, the transfer of wital substances may require an distreet underwater sub suface lineal transfer device which may be called by another name which makes a better anagram.
    All hail the provisioner ship Whiskeyjack, its ruggedly handsome captain and eminently huggable crew.