Friday 16 September 2011

State of the Blog Address: Seven Months On.

                   "I'm on my way, I'm making it..."
                                           -Peter Gabriel

     22,000+ page views.

    That is pretty (unprintable) amazing.

    Seriously.  Our small time, small town, small boat adventures have been viewed over  TWENTY-TWO THOUSAND TIMES.

   Even deducting the thousands of times SWMBO amd my mom have clicked through looking for dog pictures, that's still a pretty awesome number.

    27 followers is a damned awesome number too.

     Thank you.

     All of you.

    What's been really cool is the number of times this season boats have sailed past Whiskeyjack and skippers and/or crew have yelled out "I like the blog!"  Or "We saw the pictures on the blog!"

    NICE boats.

    With cute crew.

     Clearly, the Chronicles have found the right demographic.

   Of course, the increased notoriety means that a) we have to keep Whiskeyjack looking good and b) we keep getting asked "Where's Legacy?"

    More on Legacy soon.


    Some have inquired about what I am going to do with the wealth I have acquired from the advertising revenue generated by the Chronicles.  Are SWMBO and I going to quit our day jobs and blog full time, and maybe flog merchandise and low-buck advice at boat shows, spin off a cookbook and magazine column?

     Total ad revenue to date:

   Yeah,  I'm a regular multi-media mogul.

   Look, I know what I like to write about, and what I think is important and interesting, but I am ME, and you are YOU, and I don't have to read this drivel because i am the guy writing it, and you don't have to read it because you can go to any of  the other uncountabajillion boat blogs out there, so YOU are important to ME.
  I like you guys.  I like your feedback.  Even the mean stuff.  So let me know what you want to see covered in the Chronicles.
Here's what is in the works:

Book reviews.
Tool reviews
Real-world Dock Six Boat Reviews.  Power and Sail.  Small boats, big pictures.
More food.  Y'all seem to like food.
More low-buck projects.  There are always more low-buck projects.
I've got more installments of The River and more short fiction if anyone is interested.

What else do you want to see?

Thanks for hanging with us. And, as always, thanks for passing the word.  Please keep Talking the Dock!




  1. OMG! Toe fingers. Hairy toe fingers.

  2. I think your blog is so great because its all you. If i want super technical advice, i can buy a book. I like your laid back approach to maintainence tips, the appreciation you have for the little things in life and most especially the dogs. :) Enjoy your internet fame and use the revenue on something worthwhile, like beer.

  3. I agree with the Ceol Mors, we need more dog stories!!! (and pictures too). BTW, despite the fact that it wasn't a blog post on Saturday, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of Finn joining our family! (Thank you Inky for being a good sport about the small dog!!)