Saturday 10 September 2011

Dock Ponderings

      "Things that make you go hmmmm..."
                               - C&C Music Factory

    Discussion points and musings from the cockpit of Whiskeyjack

1.     In our marina, the big money boats dock on Dock Five.  There are 38 boats slipped on Dock Five, of which 9 are sporting “For Sale” signs.  At the opposite end of the spectrum is us.

     The ghetto dock.

     Dock Six.

    65 boats hang over here, and only two are actively for sale.  One because his wife said he had to, and the other is James’  this-one-is-a-keeper-uh-make-me-an-offer boat of the moment.


 2.    We have spent more money this season on holding tank pump-outs than we have on fuel.

     We have spent more on rum than we have on fuel.

     We have, however, spent more on dog food than on rum, pump-outs or fuel.

    3.  A racer acquaintance of mine  invested $10 000 in a new sail this year.  His boat is roughly twice as fast as mine.

      He will do it again two years from now.  His boat will still only be twice as fast as mine.

       For that kind of cheddar, I  could buy a brand new RIB with a brand new 25 hp outboard and be three times as fast as him, and still have enough money left over for fuel, pump outs and rum.
      And not have to do it again two years from now.

   4.   My kids don’t like me. 
     I’m okay with that. 
     They are both in college.
     Not in jail.
     I’m okay with that, too.
    Maybe one day they will see the correlation.

5.      I went to the grocery store the other night to buy bread.  I selected a bag of 6 kaiser rolls.  A shelf stocker rolled a rack of bagged “day old” buns past.
A dozen buns.Half the price of a half dozen. 
 The best before date on the “day old” was the same as the date on the buns I held in my hand.  I asked the store employee what the difference was.
 “I haven’t gotten to the ones in your hand yet with a price gun.’
  I bought the day-olds.  Bread must be like wine; within reason it tastes better with age.

6.      I know you shouldn’t wear white pants after Labour Day, but when the hell do you have to start tucking your shirt and wearing socks?

7.      You know you have the right boat for you when, no matter how hard you try, you can’t find a boat worth trading up.

8.      And you can’t find anybody willing to pay what you think is a fair price for yours.

9.      And your wife isn’t harping on you to sell it.

10.  Rain pattering on a bimini is enchanting.  Rain pattering on a patio umbrella is just depressing.

Boats have biminis.  Golf clubs have umbrellas. 

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  1. Nothing like sleep deprivation and rain getting in the way of sailing that brings out the philosopher. I say it was a conspiracy to unlock the necessary deeper thoughts.