Monday 18 July 2011

A Shameless Plug for Some Cool Vids

     "...rewritten by machine and new technology..."
                                                       -The Buggles

     Ed and his wife have cut the ties and embarked on a new adventure, cruising on their aptly-named Endeavour, Freedom.  Ed is a skilled filmmaker who has done work for many of the big companies in Detroit.  Now he has put together a Facebook page for all of the films he shoots while aboard Freedom.  

     Additionally, Ed is a dealer for GoPro Cameras.

    This is a wearable,waterproof, HD camera system that can also be mounted virtually anywhere on a boat.
    Or a car.

    Or a motorcycle.

    Or a plane.

    Or on you.

     Or on the end of the boom and get footage like this:

    Wicked cool, and less than $300.  It's on my list of gadgets to get.

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