Monday 18 July 2011

Low-buck Project of the Week #3

          "And you say, 'What have I got to lose?' "

     Jack picked up another boat a couple of weeks back.  A Nordica 16.  Dragged it out of a backyard in Port Dover where it had been sitting for at least 5 years.  How do I know?  I had been keeping on eye on it, and if I ever saw it for sale, I was going to be all over it.
   Jack got proactive and beat me to it.

     Don't even ask what he paid for it.  That's not the low-buck part of the story, but it's damn close.



  The low-buck part of the story is the cockpit grate.  Jack built it from a discarded shipping pallet.  Total material cost: $0

    No it's not teak, and it won't last forever, but for a fresh-water trailered short-season daysailor  it'll work just fine.


  1. The cockpit grated should last at least as long as Jack's attention span.

  2. OK so that didn't sound that flattering. What I meant was that Jack will have moved on to another project for Jack's Sailboat Museum and parts repository. I love the variety he brings to Dock Six.