Tuesday 5 July 2011

Low-buck Project of the Week

       "Comin' on like you're some kinda movie star..."

    Wandering down the dock with my eyes peeled for anything new, I spied on The 20th Hole  a new cockpit table.  

     I got the backstory from the 20th Hole's skipper.  He needed a cockpit table, spotted an end table at a garage sale for $10, pulled off the legs, screwed on a pedestal base and boom!  Now he's got a fancy-shmancy table to support his wine goblet.


     Is it  marine-grade?
     It's $10.
     Is it teak?
     It's $10
     Does it have eight coats of varnish to protect it from the elements?
     It's $10.
     Won't the weather delaminate the table and open up the joints and the cheap brass to rust  and the whole thing to fall apart in a few years?
     It's $10.

    Boat stuff that would get you sneers on other docks gets you compliments on our Dock.  We reserve our sneers for boats that don't leave the dock, boats that can't dock, boats with perpetually rotating radar regardless of conditions, PWCs and Searays...

     ...But those are other stories.

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1 comment:

  1. According to Wikipedia:
    "Red oak or white oak was generally used for planking on vessels, as those trees tended to grow straight and tall and thus would yield straight trunk sections of length suitable for milling into plank lengths. "
    Based on my exposure to the furniture industry, I deem that the donor table was probably red oak. It is more than likely covered with a catalytic laqueur, a preferred finish for furniture manufacturers. As such it is both finished and vaguely appropriate for boat use.....and it was $10.......Bitchin!!