Sunday 31 July 2011

Jordan's New Ride!

          "Looking for adventure..."

        Jordan and Andy splashed their just-finished D4 dinghy yesterday.  She is sweet!

       A D4 is a stitch-and-glue  and mahogany plywood constructed dinghy.  Free plans are available on the interweb, and thousands have been constructed around the world.  She is a light, stable, versatile little boat, which can be built to be rowed.sailed or motored, or all three, depending upon your preference

      Jordan was modest about his contribution to the build.  "I helped stitch the seams,'  he said.


     Check out the kid's game face!  Think he's having fun?

Powered by a Minn Kota trolling motor, the battery is stowed in a well in the center bench, ideally located for stability  I was impressed by how fast this dinghy would scoot.  There may very well be some dinghy races in the future on Dock Six..

       Nice work, Andy and Jordan!

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