Saturday 23 June 2012

This Has To Sting.

     "But I really think it's better this way..."
                                     -The Offspring

  On Friday night the Dock Six Sail Rescue Squad  (And Rum Drinking Society) sailed into action again.

As we were uncovering the mainsail, Jack and Melanie and Bas  passed our slip in Jack's latest Bluenose, on their way out to enjoy the 8-10 knot breeze.

As we were untying the lines, Jack and Melanie and Bas were returning...  with the catch of the day.

     I had to feel sorry for the Sea-Doo pilot as he endured the Sailpast of Shame.

     A little bit.

    "Talk the Dock!"


  1. LOVE the Bluenose. I want one!!!! (Agree with Bob on the seadoo!)