Monday 25 June 2012

The Ships Come Sailing In

     "You're from the other side..."
               -Crosby, Stills and Nash

    Sunday saw the arrival of the participants in this year's running of the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise ,a week-long race/rally around Eastern Lake Erie. Saturday they race in Erie, Sunday cross to Port Dover, Monday race on Long Point Bay, Tuesday race to Port Colborne, Wednesday race from Port Colborne to the Buffalo Canoe Club, (which is not actually in Buffalo, but on the Canadian Shore, in Point Albino.)

We rubbernecked the boats, so you don't have to.
You're welcome.
Boats filled the transient slips in the marina...

 ... and slipped alongside the fish tugs in the commercial harbour.

 Dreamer, an Alden ketch, is just plain sexy, with a great backstory .

  Fair winds to all of the participants in this years Cruise!

"Talk the Dock"


  1. Hey Jonesy!
    So you (and others) know, there were 68 boats in the fleet this year. That's down from 84 last year. If we want to keep this great, historic (55 years) race/cruise alive, we need to get more people involved.
    There are all kinds of ways to support the Cruise. Google 'Interclub Cruise', and check out the website. This year, I helped tie up and organize incoming boats at the Customs docks. 6 people tied up and untied all 68 boats in a 2 hour stretch. Great fun, met great people, saw some beauty boats.

    Come on out and get involved!!


  2. Le Sigh... That dreamer IS sexy.

  3. I'd like to hear the "back story" on the Alden ketch! Please add to this post!!

  4. Done. Click on the word backstory and you get...backstory.