Monday 25 June 2012

Dock Wildlife, Not To be Confused with Wild Dock Life.

     "We wanna go where we go, where we go..."
                                           -Talking Heads

Saturday was HOT.  Real hot.  Damn hot.  So hot, this barn is unhappy because he cannot float around on a boat on the Bay.

     The dock is home to a wide variety of fish.  Perch, carp, bass sunfish, koi....


   And incredibly pernicious, prolific, prop slowing, outboard killing invasive grasses.  A regular task on the Dock is harvesting the growth.

Remember the tractor tire ?  It has been washed about 20 slips closer to shore, and serves as a turtle lounge.

  Look at that face.

SWMBO has dubbed this bird "Rasta Duck."

Ducklings float in formation.  You can never have too many cute duckling pictures.

     "Talk the Dock!"

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