Friday 30 November 2012

New Canine Crew

     "'re a pal and a confidante..."
                           -Andrew Gold

Meet Ellie.

She's an Australian Shepherd*.
She's a rescue dog that we are "fostering."
That means her sojourn here may be temporary.
Yeah, right.  It looks like she has settled in.

Welcome aboard, Ellie.  Thanks for joining us.

"Talk the Dock!"

* Earlier editions erroneously referred to Ellie as an Australian Cattle Dog.  The error is the author's and, while casting no aspersions upon the nobility, likability, loyalty or quality of Australian Cattle Dogs, it was worth correcting.
    I knew she was an Australian something, and SWMBO has set me straight.  I knew she was NOT a Dingo, so that's something.
I think.
No Australian Cattle Dogs, Shepherds, or Dingos were harmed in the creation of this post.


  1. Gorgeous dog, Brian. Just yesterday I found the only existing picture of my deceased Australian Shepard. He was that "dog of a lifetime." My best friend ever, bar none. Good luck with Ellie.


  2. Actually Brian, Ellie is an Australian Shepherd too. The Australian Cattle dog is a totally different dog. (love you!) :)

  3. OMG, BRIAN!!! She's beautiful!!!!!
    I can't wait till she & Bello meet!