Friday 16 November 2012

The Countdown Begins...

  "And maybe we'll come back..."

  Less than two months remain until the start of the 2013 edition of the The Toronto Boat Show , aka Winter is Half Over Time.

  Every year, I wonder if the Show will go on, because it seems like many attendees have little good to say- there are fewer sailboats, too many pontoon boats, lineups to clamber all over the big- pimpin' boats are too long, there don't seem to be any  really great deals, and beer is $7... a can.

   All of which is true.

   But, it's January.

   In Ontario.

   Got anything better to do?

   The Dock Six Invasion will be, as usual, the last weekend of the Show, January 18-20. The popular annual D6C Meeting, Greeting, Lie Trading and Rum Tasting Shindig will be held Saturday evening.  I will be reserving a block of rooms at  The Westin Harbour Castle shortly.  If you want one of the best hotel rooms in the city at the best rate for the weekend, let me know before December 10.
   All are welcome to join the Shindig- you can find us in the Chartroom at the Westin on Saturday Jan 19, from 8:00 until last call.

  We hope you will join us.


"Talk the Dock!"


  1. Hey! A picture of Duma, but no photo of Aduana the WonderPuppy®? What's that about?
    We'll see you at the show for sure, my seminars are already booked.

  2. You do know that I could buy another boat for staying one night in the Harbour Castle.

  3. Wally, get a pic of the biscuit-snarfing Aduana on the boat show website and i will happily post it. Besides, she's already got a pic on this site, you greedy SOB!

    Jack. it's $95/night. Look atr it this way, it's not the same price as a boat, it's only 3 or so bottles of Canadian Club.

  4. Actually, Aduana's photo was supposed to be on last year's boat show website, as I did a seminar on cruising with pets - but unlike Duma, Aduana had her very own show badge.