Tuesday 22 May 2012

First Wet Week-End of 2012! Part Two.

    "I want something else...."
            -Third Eye Blind

    As the sun set on a great day on the Bay, Hilary spotted  flotsam that looked... intriguing.

    Bottom-feeder that I am, I seize every salvage opportunity.  Hey, the worst that could happen is the lake gets a little cleaner.  The best that could happen?

    I watch Storage Wars .  One man's trash, et cetera.

    Unfortunately, my results are more like Barry's than Dave's.

   Anyjunk,  Hilary and I decided that we'd circle back and snag the interesting floater.  If nothing else, we rationalized, it made a good MOB (Man OverBoard) drill.

    So we circled.

   And then we circled again.

   And again.

  Finally, we snagged the debris, claiming as our reward a...

...truly messed up wakeboard.

  Which, when we returned to the Dock,  we contributed to the decor of James'  Tiki Lounge.

    More on the Lounge later.

    Sunday dawned hot, humid and still, and the Annual Load-out and Installfest continued.  After reconsidering the limited viewing range of our chartplotter over the last few seasons, I finally bit the bullet and relocated the unit from the  bulkhead to the cabintop, and added a gimbal for good measure.  Now the helmsperson can keep up to date on course and speed and stuff from anywhere in the cockpit.

  Now, the big news.

Our dinette layout was great for playing chess, but not conducive for watching a movie, or entertaining more than, er, us.

  Remember the Crap/Stuff Extravaganza ?
  Measure up some (s)crap, cut, glue, screw, staple, curse, swear, bleed, recut, rescrew,  and...

  ... A little bit of work creates a lot more accommodation flexibility.  The vestigial horseshoe settee and small table makes more seating possible, while a quick fold makes the big table appear for more eating/workspace.

   And we'll wrap up our most excellent weekend with Part Three later.

Come on back and check it out.  Meanwhile, "Talk the Dock!"

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  1. YAY! Looking forward to seeing you and Sylvia on the dock! Dock Six doesn't feel complete without you and a few other stragglers we are still waiting for!