Tuesday 22 May 2012

First Wet Week-End of 2012! Part One.

         "In the kind of world where we belong..."
                                  -The Beach Boys

     Whiskeyjack was hull-wet by 9:00 am Wednesday morning, our earliest splash in several years.  The weather was less than kind, the skies opening up and drenching SWMBO and I, and Jim and Marianne who wandered down the dock to greet our arrival.  Thursday and Friday  were spent  bending on sails, cleaning up the cabin, and generally removing crap, loading on stuff, and installing stuff built from crap.

  I slip down the companionway steps at least a couple of times a season.  Even sober.  The problem is that the steps aren't very deep.

  I cut some teak salvaged from DonorBoat and installed nosings on the treads.  They are actually straight- just a weird optical illusion in the image below.

  I turned some scrap luan 1/4" ply and pine corner mould into new galley cupboard doors, replacing the old plain ones below:

   ...with doors that are a little brighter and lighter.  The majority of the wood was free, although I did have to spend $6 at Lee Valley Tools on the handles.

Our hanging locker is the most under-utilized space on the boat.  No shelves, just a rod makes it's functionality limited....

... I wanted to improve the utility of this lost space, so I built a hanging shelf and added an organizer.  Remember the pin rail I built last month?  This is where it was put to use.  Now there is a place for stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.


           It was HOT work.  The weather has been unusually and enjoyably warm, but with both doors closed allowing my overfed self access to the locker, it made for a stifling environment.  Time to go sailing.

     Just in time, Hilary decided to take a break from his own boat work, and he showed up with beer.  With his help i got the rigging sorted and Whiskeyjack   was ready to sail.

    So, we did.

   Not much wind, but another spectacular sunset.

    Hilary at the helm.

      Stay tuned.

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  1. Whiskeyjack is looking really great Jonesy! Hope you have an enjoyable season.