Tuesday 22 November 2011

Commenting Fixed!!!

   "The word 'excuse' has many names..."

   After months of perplexity, apathy and just general fear and loathing of anything cybertechy related, I decided to tackle the Comment issue.  Faithful readers have been telling me that they were no longer able to post a comment, and I assumed it was a Blogger problem, so I completely sort of ignored the issue.  This morning I decided I would face my fear head-on, and try to fix it.  Loyal readers, I do this for you.  I am nothing, if not customer service oriented.
   Heart pounding, I popped the hood on the blog to see what I could see.

   Yes, I AM STILL an idiot.

   I clicked an unclicked preference, and BAM!  Commenting enabled for everyone!



  1. I ddn" hav notruble commentn' no tym. jus trubl bein understd or prec8td

  2. Glad that the comment feature is "fixed". I'm looking forward to reading about your boat building prtoject as it progresses.

  3. Just a flick of the switch...cool