Wednesday 26 September 2012

Two Burner Tastiness: A Handful of Sammies

"I've got more spice than the Frugal Gourmet..."
                                          -Beastie Boys

     The upside of handheld, bread-wrapped food is that less time and water is spent washing dishes.

     The downside of handheld, bread-wrapped food is hands, wrists and arms covered in drippings.

     I'm okay with the trade-off.  A good messy sandwich is a wonderful thing.  We have had a few aboard recently:

    A vampire slayer:  carved roast pork loin served on a garlic toasted vienna stick, topped with fried onions and peppers, garlic mayo, and a side of  cucumber salad.

    Pork souvlaki, served with tzatziki, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, all wrapped in naan:

    Pot roast and gravy, served on a sliced baguette, topped with fried onions:

The "Dock Six" Burger:  Angus beef served on a thin whole wheat bun, topped with onion, brie, country pate, mustard and mayo.

"Talk the Dock!"

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