Thursday 13 September 2012

Playin' Catchup.

    "Is it any wonder I'm  sane at all?"

Folks, listen up, because I do not say this often, or lightly:

  I am sorry.

  I have fallen behind in my blogscribblin’ duties, leaving you hanging for more than a fortnight without new electronic virtual fishwrapping and birdcage lining to clog your hard drives.

  "Paralysis of plenty" is my defense.

  Hey, look, when I got nuthin’ but a big ol’ case of blogger’s block, I can always write up a low-buck project or cook something  and snap some pictures, and that sates the voracious appetite of you, Constant Reader…
… or at least buys me a few days of traffic and a respite from “WTF, where’s the new post?” emails.  Either way, D6C is topped up for a little while.

Lately, I’ve had the opposite problem.  Lots to write about, lots of ideas, but how?  And, in what order?  And, is this a blog post or a potential column in The Silo?  Faced with all of the options, I opted to pour another drink and/or go sailing and deal with it tomorrow.

With sunsets like this, what would YOU do?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

(I don’t do choice well.  My brain locks up at Baskin-Robbins  and I end up in a drooling stupour in front of the ice cream case.  It ain’t pretty.
And I always end up with burgundy cherry anyway.)

((And why make a choice anyway, when you can sail?  We have had some truly spectacular sailing weather lately))

Anyscoop, I finally sat myself down and got organized and prioritized . I have two-burner meals to write up, low-buck projects and gear to review, one year on,  navelgazing to parse, daysailing to document, crew to critique,  new gear to evaluate  and gossip to disseminate.

So, it’s gonna be a busy few days.

Thanks for sticking with me.

And thanks for taking the time to

“Talk the dock!”


  1. It does seem that summer time blogging sort of... doesn't keep up with other times of the year. I've noticed a lot of blogs that have slowed down over the past 3 months. Things will pick up.

  2. I sometimes do several lengthy posts in a week, and other times let a month or two go by. Not everything I think is interesting, even to myself. A baker wouldn't describe his morning, no matter how delicious the bread.

    You're not getting paid and you're not on the clock. Don't sweat it.

    Better to sail and have something to blog about. Why not batten down and deliberately go out in big air? Report your findings. Could be edumacational, as my wife the teacher (and gale-certified foredecker) says.

  3. I'd rather be sailing than blogging any day, but it's funny the more I go sailing the more I find to write about. Deadlines are for work dock lines for fun!!

    PS We like stopping by - we holidayed on lake Huron last year loved it.