Friday 13 April 2012

This is tough.

              "You know how I'll miss you..."
                                         -Neil Finn

           There will be one fewer dog in the Dock pack this season.

           Inky is dying.

          And it's hard.

          It's hard to watch a faithful friend fade.

          It's hard to see her eyes so full of will, with a body that isn't able to carry on.

          It's hard to throw out another meal she is unable to eat..

          It's hard to feel her frail bones resting in my arms as I place her in the car she used to leap into.

          It's hard to bear her stoicism in the face of increasing indignity.

          It's hard to accept that it's time.

         Inky had been slowing down for months, but she has such heart and grit and determination that I kept hoping that her "good" days would continue.

         She hasn't had a good day in a while.

         SWMBO and I have been discussing the options, and I don't think the choices could be more stark.  Try to keep her comfortable, and let nature take it's course, or make the decision to end her pain?  Tears have been shed.  I don't think this decision could be any harder if she was human.

         Yeah, I know, some will say, "it's just a dog."

         But she's not just a dog.  She's Inky.

        She is the loyal friend who is always there to listen, who is always happy to see me when I come home, who is content to sit on the dock and watch the sunset and allow me to scratch her behind her ears. She is a keeper of secrets and a fine judge of character.  She is both steadfast and stubborn. Next to my wife, she is my oldest friend.

       And I will miss her.

       Sunday will be Inky's Perfect Day .  She'll get bacon and eggs for breakfast, a leisurely walk on the beach, a long car ride, a cheeseburger or two, and a clean cozy fluffy bed with her favourite blanket by a warm fire at home.

    And tears will be shed.

   Inky passed away on Monday evening.  On behalf of SWMBO and myself, thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.  Give someone you love a hug, and think of Ink.



  1. Oh Jonesy. :( I am so, so sorry.

    1. I'm man enough to admit that this entry made me cry.
      It's tough losing a good friend like that.

      - Caleb D.

    2. Oh man, that is sad.. my deep sympathy...

  2. g'girl, Inky, g'girl


  3. Always tough when a crew member gets sick. Know that you and crew are in our prayers

  4. prayers for you inky and all docksix

  5. Sorry Brian and Louise. Hang in there.

  6. Really sorry to hear, Brian. It's tough to watch them suffer and decide when it's time to let them go. They are not just a dog, they live with you for a long time and become one of the family. I know ours certainly has.


  7. Sorry for the loss Brian :( There sure aren't many dogs like Inky.


  8. Losing a good animal can be harder than losing a family member.
    Be grateful for....

  9. If Inky enjoyed you as much as you did her, she probably would tell you that it is okay and have a beer on her while you cry.

  10. I've been there, Brother, and even though it's been over 11 years, I still remember well a very similar day with my 14 1/2 year old English Bull Terrier, named Jake.

    I had him from 25 until 40, surely "interesting times", and my wife was pregnant with our son when we went through this process. Damned if the crippled, half-blind, mostly deaf dog didn't perk up when he received the "special Last Supper". He tried to hobble out into the ice-covered park after days of near-immobility.

    I hope you can make use of the service where the vet comes to your house and does the necessary deed in front of you. It's tough, but it's easier on the dog to essentially pass out on the couch. It generally goes very calmly, if you haven't been down this hard road before. Console yourself with that, at the very least, that the dog's had a good run, and why humans are stupid about their own ends, I have no idea.


  11. Inky will live on in the memory of dock sixers. There's a dock somewhere, with an old Georgian 23 on it and in the cockpit, content to just be along for the sail will be Inky. Once a sailor, always a sailor.

  12. Sorry about Inky. It is never easy, went through it last year with someone who was close to me.

  13. My deepest sympathies. Losing a furry family member is very sad, indeed.

  14. Brian- I only met Inky the one time, when Lori and I met you and Louise for lunch. Inky had the most intelligent look and understanding that I've ever seen in a dog. It's hard to say goodbye, but know that she had a good life.

    Take Care.

    Jim P

  15. The memory of the Wookie will live on down under. Jones's one and all, we'll raise a shot or two of Jamiesons to the Wookie this very evening. Salute.

  16. Just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you and Louise and of course, Inky. Lots of love to your family.

  17. I know the feeling entirely, my 'Inky' is 15 this month and failing fast.