Monday 19 March 2012

Entirely Un-Boat Related Scribble

       "Don't ya take no chances....."
                           -Billy Squier

       In the course of my real job, I was talking to an SEO guy the other day about websites and blogs and internet audience growth  in general, (hey, a few months ago I didn't know that SEO meant Search Engine Optimization either,)  then got talking about this little slice of cyber-heaven specifically, and  he mentioned that niche blogs only grow until the niche is filled.  He said, "If you want to really grow your audience, you need to write about  current events, or politics, or family issues, topics and themes that crossover.  Controversy catches eyeballs.  breaking taboos catches eyeballs. Shameless, prideless, first-person exposition really catches eyeballs"

    "How about recipes?" I ask.

    "Not so much."

   "Even vegetarian recipes?"  I persist.

   "With tofu"?  SEO guy asks.

   "Er, no."

  "Even less.  Tofu is hot right now. "

   Right.  Okay, now that the Dock Six Chronicles has passed the First Anniversary and 150th Post milestones, next goal is to hit 50,0000 page views.  Right now we are at about 46,000.  I'd like to see if we can generate that 50K by the end of March.

  To do that I am gonna need to break out.  I decided to rummage through the vault of scribbles to see if there was anything worthwhile.I need edgy, current, political, shameless, personal...

Aha!  Birth control!

MEN'S Birth Control.

The permanent type.

Read the latest (okay, I blew the dust off this account I wrote a few years back, but it's new here) scribble:  Snip!.

Reader discretion is advised.

  As usual, I am glad you all stopped by.  Please feel free to "Talk the Dock!"  Link us, follow us, or just tell you friends.


  1. Oh..... emmmm..... geeee....

    Dude, you had me laughing out loud at work. Seeing as I sit in a 4 person "Pod", it was quite a chore to not be overly hysterical.... Love the way you write and good luck! I promise not to laugh at your expense as Karma can be quite the, well you know.... ;-)

  2. Dude, That tray you are presenting has nothing to do with mens birth control. I make out a PCL retractor, a Pituitary Rongeur, some "Z" and Hohmann retractors. While unusual, it looks like a part of a set for a knee operation. Nothing like I've ever seen though. Any prizes for getting it right? :-)

    And to Dan above, "Karma" is the name of my daughter. How do you know her? :-D

  3. Paul, apparently, and luckily, you have not seen the testicles in question. ;) I left out a picture of the second tray, which included a come-along, sawzall, and 5 lb. sledge.

    Seriously, thanks for pointing out the devices. I just learned something. Your prize is free drinks the next time you are on the Dock.