Monday 30 July 2012

From the "This Has to Sting" Files...

     "If it takes all night, that'll be alright..."
                                -Jackson Browne

  "Hey, that go-fast is gonna run over that little inflatable!"

  "Whew, it looks like the inflatable is getting out of the way.  Wait a second, is that..."

   "It is a tow line!"

   Towed straight to the gas dock.

"Talk the Dock!" 


  1. I've towed in lot's of power boats that were out of gas.Once with a 20 Cygnus and a three hp motor.
    And once under sail because I didn't have enough gas to tow him all the way under motor.

  2. My count is one sea-doo a sailboat and almost Whiskey Jack

  3. Well, at least they weren't towed by a kayak....