Tuesday 31 July 2012

A Very Big Month, Part Two.

  "From the shore to the water, guess there isn't any more."
                                                  -Brian Hyland

  You've likely already read the first post I quickly cobbled together covering Pottahawk 2012 (aka "The Pottahawk Piss-up"), but in the context of this Very Big Month, I figured this Very Big Event needed a little more coverage.

   According to the OPP and The Simcoe Reformer  more than 2000 boats and 9000 people converged on Pottahawk Point to ogle, jiggle, giggle, drink American beer in cans and pee in the water. Marking the entrance to the Inner Bay on Long Point Bay, Pottahawk Point is accessible only by water.  This is important to remember.

  Boats were filling the fairway early Sunday morning,  some making the short trip to the Point more successfully than others,as we have already seen.

This boatload of bad-asses was keeping an eagle-eye on the festivities to prevent the stupidity from getting too, er, stupid.

OPP Photo
More than 2,000 boats and 9,000 people attended the annual impromptu bash at Pottahawk this Sunday. Boaters have been meeting at the small island in Lake Erie on the first Sunday following Canada Day for more than 30 years. (Norfolk OPP Photo)
                                                                                                          -Image courtesy of Simcoe Reformer

The boat count is probably pretty accurate, but I think the warm body count might be off.  See, if you divide 9000 by 2000 you get... uh...
an average of   4.5 people per boat.  Most boats we saw heading to (or attempting to head to) Pottahawk Point had more than 4.5 people in them.

   This year there were no major injuries reported, and only couple of arrests for intoxication and stupidity-related offenses.

   Remember that part about Pottahawk being accessible only by water?  This year, only about a half dozen or so unlucky souls were left stranded on the Point when they realized that all the boats had left, and they neglected to arrange a ride home.

Feel free to create your own punchline.

And don't forget to "Talk the Dock!"

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