Wednesday 3 June 2015

Help Us Help Someone Else.

     "We know that there's always tomorrow..."
                                  -Bill Withers

  But this time, tomorrow is too late.  The contest closes at 5 pm tonight.

 Here's the deal: Below, you see a link to a "win a concert" contest, being offered by a great performer, David Cavan Fraser . What started off as a "hey, this would be fun to win" lark got a little bigger when somebody came up with the idea of doing some good with this prize... if we won.
(Notice that at this point it went from "I" to "we"?)

My friend and colleague Aaron Gautreau is a cancer survivor who won the battle, but lost his leg in the process. He needs a new artificial leg, and he needs to find $80K+ to make it happen.

So, with your help, we win a concert that we can use to raise money for a new leg for a good guy... win/win/win!

But, there's only one hurdle-

We have to win.

To win, we need to get as many people to enter the contest as possible. For every entry, our team gets points.

It's kinda paradoxical- the winner is the person who has brought the most competitors into the contest.

 I know some of my friends have entered already, and I thank you for that- Now I put the call out to everyone to please step up and sign up to help someone get a leg up.

Please click on the link and enter.  You won't get spammed and no personal info is required.

And share it with your friends.

Let's DO this.

 click here:

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