Monday 10 November 2014


"So, when crowds disappear and only silence is here..."

Labour Day marks the beginning of the end of the season.

Bright and early Tuesday morning,  L-Day +1, boats start coming out of the water, and the metaphorical countdown clock start ticking.

After the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend the ticking gets louder and the tempo picks up as the shrubbery shows it's true colours:

By mid-October, this place is a ghost town:

  As we enter the last week of October, there are only a double handful of boats still hull wet.  Among the few and the proud is Whiskeyjack, as new owner Phil carries on the tradition of not hauling out until you absolutely damn well have to.

  Taking a cruise through the marina in our new/used tender (more on that later),  I notice a pattern- some of the most interesting boats in the marina stay in the water later....

  "Why,"  we are occasionally asked, " keep your boat in the water into October? October can be cold and miserable and rainy and unpredictable."

...  and, this year, it certainly was all of that.

But it was also all of this:

    It's worth sticking around.

And thank you, loyal readers, for sticking around as well.

Remember, "Talk the dock!"

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