Saturday 15 March 2014

A Great Way to Kill Time Waiting for Spring to Come

     "The 'inferior' sex got a new exterior..."
                                          -the eurythmics

   Spring  is coming.
   But it doesn't look like it is coming anytime soon:

    In the meantime, need a sailing fix?

  Check out "Untie the Lines" on youtube:

    One woman.
    One boat.
    A whole bunch of  adventure.

    Warning:  The story is addictive.  Get done done what you have to get done for the day before you start clicking links.

Thanks for checking us out, and remember to
"Talk the Dock!"


  1. Incredible young woman. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brian - there's a great satellite image of the ice on the Great Lakes - it's quite a picture showing the intense winter that's been going on there.

    Hey - be careful posting private messages and emails. There's a presumption that those things are private. Lawsuit awards have been made based on doing exactly what you did. Don't worry though - I'm not going to take any action on your behavior here. I sort of thought you might do that giving me a way to post without having an account. But seriously, it's bad form to make public communications intended to be private like that. Search on it a little and you'll find that what I'm saying it true.

    Spring is coming! I think we both know that your bad behavior will probably be fixed once you're able to actually get out in your boat!! Seriously, step away from that keyboard!!



  3. If you have concerns about what you say becoming public, Jeff, you might want to consider what you say that you wouldn't be proud of others to hear or see. I have blocked you on facebook and blocked your google account, yet you have gone to the effort to comment here. Should I expect the stalking to continue?