Thursday 21 March 2013

Another Dock Diatribe Debut

                  "Believe we're gliding down the highway, when in fact we're slip sliding away ..."
                                                                                                         -Paul Simon

  Our friends at The Silo  have published another tale from the Dock:

Living a "No Wake" Life

As always, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

"Talk the Dock!"


  1. So what is the proposed protocol?????? Once someone passes we are to simply forget them? It seems cruel for friends to not have some sort of closure. Perhaps the signer is being sly in inverting the bucket, in that it no longer can trap memories. Oh, oh, or perhaps it it a metaphor for the spirit being emptied or released as water being poured back into the lake....with our memories being washed into the giant stream of consciousness simply leaving us with a personal memory akin to ships passing in the night.......I personally think that at least a small group of people at least raising a glass to celebrate a life passing on would be appropriate......oh damn the politically correct and their ubiquitous signage.

    "Signs signs, everywhere are signs......"
    ...Five Man Electrical Band

    1. Not THAT kind of "No Wake"
      Hell, I'm all for a good sodden send-off.

  2. I believe the ideas of retirement and consumerism were conflated in the post. The two can be related but they are not the same. It makes perfect sense to save money or grow money so that perhaps one day you can
    1) Stop working (traditional retirement)
    2) Pick a profession on a basis other than money
    3) Cover emergencies

    Consumerism is a totally different matter. You can still save for retirement without getting caught up in the "rat race".

    My wife and I are planning a long sabbatical to go cruising, but even so, we're still socking money away for a rainy day when we may want to retire.

    A lot of people make the dangerous mistake of bucking consumerism with the knee jerk reaction of "live for today - spend it all". I think the real answer lies somewhere in the middle.

    1. Tate,
      I think you've got a pretty good plan. I don't advocate "living for today-spend it all"- rather, instead of delaying gratification while trying to keep up with life today, change how you live today, so you can start "feeling" retired today, instead of just feeling tired.

      How many folks do you talk to who say, "I have always wanted a boat (or to go cruising, or whatever their dream is) when I retire." ? Ever ask them, "Why wait?" The answer is inevitably some version of "gotta pay off school, the house, the cars, the second mortgage, etc., etc., "
      If all of that unpaid stuff wasn't in the way, one could live like one was retired already.

  3. sounds like the way to really live. thanks for your thoughts. WW

  4. Now he tells me.
    Just got myself a car with a rear window.

  5. A long time ago someone figured out that if they could make you unsatisfied with what you have they could make a hockey sock full of money selling the next "aspirational" thing. Good for them. The catch is that if you believe it will work on others, it will probably work on you. I love the no wake lifestyle. I love owning my boat outright. That doesn't mean I don't want nice new things, just not every nice new thing.
    As for Jack. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and drop $500.00 on a new to you car with a rear window and possibly functioning headlights. That way we can stay late and have another wee dram.
    Life is good "on the dock"

  6. gavin, does that mean you're coming back to D6???

    jack, thanks. now we have to get a new fender for Lady Liberty, just to keep up.

    1. No, picking up the /h26 in April and returning to the annex. Sorry, but you could paddle over on the new board.