Monday 18 February 2013

Party Time!

  "We're all pretty good to go..."

   Got an invite from the Elkins clan to attend the CYClone mid-winter crew party.

    Free food?

     Free booze?

     I'm in.

       It was a great night with great people, some regular crew on CYClone, some past crew, some with no intention of crewing any boat other than their own.  Port Dover sailors and Turkey Point sailors were just about equally represented, and the fleet was an interesting mix of racer/cruisers and cruiser/racers and day sailers and cruisers.  There was one C&C 35, a J 35, a Corvette, a Hughes 25, an S2 9.2 and a couple of dinghy sailors.

    I got to meet the latest addition to the Elkins herd, their sub-compact sportsdawg, Cooper:


       One thing about them Dock Two racers, they lay out some off- the-chain grub:

  It wasn't until I uploaded this picture of chocolate covered chocolate wafers sandwiching chocolate peanut butter cups that I noticed the ironic iconic can.

   Oh, hey, I'm drinking low carb beer!  I'll have a couple more of these, thanks.

   I was surprised and touched when Yvonne presented me with a gift:

  Thanks, folks- I now have a new primary boat mug.

  It was a great time, at the right time- Only 7 more weeks until we can start splashing boats again!

"Talk the Dock!"

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  1. I am glad you took one for the team. Sorry to see there weren't any swing keels represented. I'm counting it down to the dock opening.