Saturday 19 January 2013

State of The Blog Address, 2013

"I'll tell ya, folks, it's harder than it looks...."

  Yeah, I know.

  It's been a while.

  As I write this, the little hand is closing in on to midnight,  I am sitting in a lakeside room on the 22nd floor of the Westin Harbour Castle , sipping a  couple of fingers of Sailor Jerry's, watching the last of the day's Porter Airlines flights return home.

Folks, it doesn't get a whole lot better than this.

In January.

In Ontario.

Tomorrow, SWMBO and I and Hilary and Deb launch the annual Dock Six Boat Show Assault.  We'll grab some swag, eat some food, drink some beer, stumble through a couple of boats, scorn a few dozen more, buy some gear, then adjourn to the Chartroom at the Westin for the Saturday night gathering of the faithful.

We have hit a milestone this week.  Less than two years since the first post, the Dock Six Chronicles has had it's 100 000th page view.

I have no idea whether that 100 000th page view was a new reader or a regular follower,

(sorry, mom)

But thank you to all of you who have taken the time to check us out, fed back on what you have read, taken the time to say hello as you wander past us on the Dock, or just generally "talked the dock!" and passed the word.

Our world has become bigger than I ever dreamed it would be.

And that has raised the bar.

Thanks a hell of a lot.

See, if no one was reading the crap I typed into my crappy little netbook on an irregular basis, it really didn't matter whether it was worth reading.

The writing could suck, our (mis)adventures could suck, all of it could suck, and it wouldn't matter because no one would notice.

Well, f**k me, some poor masochistic idiots keep reading this stuff.


And letting their damn kids read it!  Which is why I have to use ** in all the really good words, ferf**ksakes!

Before I started throwing this crap at the cyberwall and seeing what stuck, no one cared whether I wrote anything.  Hell, even my kids turned to mom for signatures on permission slips.


I take a couple of weeks off while my children-of-choice (I hate the word "stepkids"- they are mine, chosen and cherished) are home for the holidays, and after a week the emails start coming in (what's new?  any new blog posts coming?) telling me it is time to saddle up.

I'm not complaining- it's good to be wanted.  Unless post offices and posters and rewards are involved.

Here's where I see the Chronicles heading in 2013:

   A regular schedule.  The idiots  my faithful readers deserve to know when to tune in, and potential new suckers readers should have some sort of structure to keep 'em coming back. Once a week?  Twice a week?  Daily?  Monthly?
Folks, let me know how much is enough.

   Better photography.  I look at some of my pics and cringe.  I'll work on it.  I promise.  I'll also use more of  
Melanie's pictures.  That chick can plain shoot!

More recipes.  More food ideas is more better.

More projects.

Less filler.  Yeah, I know, sometimes I work way too hard to make way too much out of way too little.  It succeeds way too often.

More connectivity.  There is now a Dock Six Chronicles facebook Page

Yeah.  facebook.  Next thing you know I'll be standing in line to buy the latest iPaidtoomuch.

More guests.  I want to have more folks tell more stories their own damn selves;  it means less work for me, and a different perspective is always good.  Win/win.

Book reviews.  Cripes, we read enough around here, we should be able to recommend some good boat reads, and/or good reads about boats,and/or good boat-related reads.

Less excuses.  I've posted less often this year than last, and offered all sort of bullshit to justify why.
It doesn't matter.  I slacked from time to time.  With a regular schedule and the deadlines all that entails, you're gonna get more D6C,  more often.
Some of you might even think that is a good thing.

More swag.  Beyond "Talking the Dock!", We're gonna "Pimp the Dock!"  T-shirts, hats, coozies, maybe even our own Dock Bock.
Say it loud!  I'm Dock and I'm proud!

Thanks for all your support.

  Happy 2013 to all of you!

"Talk the Dock!"

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  1. It's about time! Enjoy the Boat Show. Have fun but not too much!