Friday 9 September 2011

Summer's Last Dance

        "Don't look back, you can never look back..."
                                                       -Don Henley

       Labour Day Weekend: the official end of summer in Ontario.
       But, that doesn't mean the end of boating season- it just means that the water starts to get cooler.  After Labour Day, swimming weather is on borrowed time. So, we figured we'd take advantage of the hot, humid, windless weather by heading to the beach.

     Sylvia prepares to depart Whiskeyjack while her tube awaits.  Hillary's Tempest, Solway, is in the background.

  This is Christmas Card material right here:

   And Jack's Tempest, Blew Orphan:

Jack and Baasje swim into the sunset:

  The Dock Six Sailing Club and Rum Drinking Society:  From left to right;
Baasje, Jack, Gavin, Sylvia, Finn, Inky and Sonny (On board), Melanie and Hillary.
Missing Notables- Steve, Rae Ann, SWMBO, Jim and Marianne, and Jim and Jill.
Maybe we can get a complete photo at Thanksgiving?

    Saturday night, SWMBO and I hung with the Power (Drinking) Squadron for a barbecue.  This was a bittersweet event, as James was scheduled for knee surgery the next day.  The good news is that he is recovering well, and his boat hasn't sunk...
    And the food was yummy!
     Hats off to Katey and Erica and Mark and JD and Nate and Jamesand Brooke for laying on a solid spread.

     The next day, like a broken spell, was cold, rainy and miserable, a harbinger of the autumn weather to come, with Old Man Winter chuckling and beckoning with a crooked frostbitten finger.

    Not so fast, old dude- as long as the boats still float we're not ready to give up or give in.  This is Dock Six:  our season doesn't end until the gates are locked.

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