Tuesday 2 July 2013

New Shoe Long-term Review, Part Deux

     "Before you come to any conclusions, try walking in my shoes..."
                                                              -Depeche Mode

    SWMBO and I have been wearing Crocs daily for two months.

    Not to get all Dr. Seuss, but our Crocs have been:
  On the boat, off the boat,
  On a bike, and on a hike,
  Walking the dogs on the Lynn Valley Trail,
  In Wednesday Night Races, where jib sheets I tail.

    Been worn on the floor, in the store,
    And walking to the job.
    Been worn all dressed up,
    And when I'm a slob.
    They've been worn naked footed,
    They've been worn with socks.
    From decks to dinghies and dinghies to docks.

       To date, they haven't let us down.

     GREAT grip on all surfaces, in all conditions-  an asset with the recent run of rainy weather causing all surfaces to be perpetually slippery.

      These shoes are getting better with wear- the laces that I complained about in the preview post  have softened and  now knot much better.

      These shoes are easy to clean, and dry quickly.

      After two months of daily, often damp, use, they don't smell.  BIG plus.

      The leather uppers have held up VERY well- no scuffs, no wear.

       The one aspect which has been mildly disappointing is tread wear. Two months in, both pairs are showing noticeable "flat spotting."

SWMBO's at the toes, mine at the heels.

    That's the only criticism so far.  Otherwise, these shoes are surpassing our expectations.  We'll continue to keep you posted.

  "Talk the Dock!"

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