Thursday 9 August 2012

Low-buck Project of the Week #82- Kickin' It.

                       "I look around, unsatisfied..."

                  In the spring of 2010 I installed Harken outboard stanchion blocks to run our furling line outside of the stanchions.  It has proven to be a great improvement, eliminating obstructions on the already- too- narrow port deck of Whiskeyjack.    However, true to Jones's 12th Law of Boat Maintenance (Any change, modification or improvement will require additional unexpected and/or unintended modifications, changes or improvements to other parts of the boat.)  I now had a new problem to solve.

          The realignment of the furling line and installation of a new cleat meant that the furling line now leads over the coaming, which wasn't good for either the furling line or the coaming.

With the furling line slack, you can see that the gelcoat has been worn  away.  I gotta do something.

    I went to one of my favourite local non-chandery chandleries, Stoney's  Home Hardware  and bought a stainless steel door kick plate, like this:

I cut off a piece, drilled some holes, radiused the corners and sanded the edges, then bent it to fit with the help of a couple of dock tread boards and some persuasion of the Topsider-clad foot kind.

  When I was happy with the shape and the fit, I peeled off the protective wrap...

    ... and screwed it into place.  Vwah-la, No more chafe and wear.  Please admire the shine, and ignore the overzealous wrap around the cleat.

Total cost: $22.
Total time invested:  1 hour.

"Talk the Dock!"