Wednesday 22 August 2012

A Plug for Quality Canvaswork

              "Are the details in the fabric?"
                                      -Jason Mraz

The admiral of Tempus Fugit, Yvonne, has been honing her seamstress chops and has gone public this season, fabricating and repairing canvaswork, cushions and sails.

Tired of hearing horror stories about boat projects that have come in over budget, over time, with under impressive results?

Then listen up- here is how our experience with Yvonne went:

Whiskeyjack's main sail cover was in a bad way, with a growing tear on the port side.  Saturday morning, Andy and Yvonne stroll down the Dock, pick up our sail cover and the NEXT MORNING deliver the mended cover.

Oh yeah, and while she was sewing in the patch seen above, she added a matching patch on the starboard side (for symmetry purposes) AND restitched all the seams.

    All for less than the cost of a case of quality beer.

    Hilary needed cushions for his C&C.  Yvonne came to his boat and measured,  discussed options with Hilary, told him it would take about three weeks, and exactly three weeks later, new cushions appeared, all under budget.

Last winter, Yvonne put her skills to the test on a big project- sewing a new main sail for Tempus Fugit  from a Sailrite kit.  The result?

  The mainsail has been entered in a contest on  The winner gets bragging rights and a Sailrite gift card.  Please help someone  who goes above and beyond, and click on the link below, and vote for Yvonne's sail.

Need some work done?  You can reach her at ayjeea at

Speaking of Tempus Fugit, I have to note the very cool tiller steering this fine boat. It is not often that I admire another man's tiller, but it is a beautiful piece of woodwork.

"Talk the Dock!"