Monday 13 August 2012

BOLO- Be On the Look Out

                      "Gone, gone, gone, she been gone so long..."

  An urgent request from a member over on Sailnet :

     "My friend needs help locating his boat which is adrift somewhere in eastern Lake Erie.The boat is a blue/grey C&C 115 with a white deck by the name of Blue Dog out of Rocky River Ohio. The boat was being delivered back to Rocky River on the evening (10pm) of the 11th after the Falcon Cup. The 2 crew delivering the boat ran into trouble about 2 miles off Mentor Ohio and were rescued by the Coast Guard. The CG did not secure the boat and allowed it drift. The wind and waves on Saturday evening were 15-25 out of the southwest with 6 foot waves. No sails were up. The wind on Sunday switched in the morning to about 290 degrees and then to 260 degrees. It subsided around 4:00pm. The boat is thought to have drifted towards Erie Pa at 2-3 knots. The CG did a search on Sunday with no success. "

If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of Blue Dog  please get in touch with me or the Coasties.

"Talk the Dock!"


  1. Contacted my sister to ask her to alert the marina in Ashtabula, OH to be on lookout for her. (0020 CDT. Sep 12.
    LoboPops on Sailnet.)

  2. Contacted CG in Ashtabula to be on lookout.